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Southwest Irrigation

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Our Garden irrigation and lawn watering systems take advantage of the loophole in the hosepipe ban.

Garden Irrigation Systems Surrey provide you with a full range of services from Pop Up Sprinklers, Micro Drip Irrigation Systems, Soaker Hoses, Garden watering systems, Micro Garden water systems, Irrigation Supplies, Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Sprinklers Systems to Water Timer Beds and full Automatic Watering systems.

Our services are perfect for previous buyers of garden grass & lawn irrigation systems, looking for long term advice and support, and gardeners looking to enhance the quality and ‘no maintenance gardening’ of their grass lawn or new turf.

Why use our irrigation systems?

  • Hosepipe ban exempt. Our easy to maintain drip border systems can continue to be used during the hosepipe ban, saving the expensive cost of those replacement plants.
  • Rainwater Harvesting. Channel winter rainfall from your gutters into an underground tank to use when your grass or new turf needs it. And no need to worry about that hosepipe ban.
  • Irrigation helps build better gardens. New like all living things, grass, new turf and your plants benefit enormously from having a regular supply of water. your system can be programmed to your specific needs to your soil and avoid stress to your plants during periods of drought. Our garden irrigation systems are an investment and can save you from replacing your grass, new turf or even those prized plants. With our garden irrigation systems you will see your lawn, new turf and your plants establish quickly and watch your vision reach its potential faster.
  • Water costs. With water costs steadily rising an automated irrigation system is the most cost effective way to water your lawn, new turf or plants. Affordable automated watering Systems can be programmed to come on at night to avoid evaporation caused through the days sunlight, they also allow you to target the lawn, new turf and plants directly where water is most  needed. you can cut down on your water bills too as water pressure is at its highest during the early hours.
  • Rapid growth. New turf,  grass and plants enjoy rapid growth with an automated irrigation system, in fact as much as 30% faster than conventional methods.
  • Avoid stress to new turf, grass and plants and the user. Tired of spending those evenings painstakingly watering your new garden lawn by hand. Instead sit back and relax in your favourite garden chair and watch our irrigation system do all the laborious work for you.
  • Entirely automated. Our irrigation systems are very user friendly, easy to programme so you have no hassle when setting it up. The irrigation system are fully automated to provide just the right amount of water all year round.
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How much will it cost?

Below are some questions to help us calculate your garden irrigation system cost.

What size is your garden?

  • Small, half the size of a tennis court or less (335sqm)
  • Small to medium, One whole tennis court (670sqm)
  • Medium to large, 3 whole tennis courts (2010sqm) approx half an acre
  • Large, 6 tennis courts (4020sqm) approx 1 acre
  • Would you like to irrigate your borders?
  • Would you like to irrigate pots and hanging baskets?
  • Would you want to have the lawn watered with pop-up sprinklers?
  • Do you have an outside water supply ie: Tap?
  • How long does it take to fill a 10 litre bucket of water from the tap? (in seconds)

Most small to medium gardens can be watered from existing mains water pressure, for larger gardens a water tank me be required and a pump to boost the water pressure, our expert technicians can advise you on the best irrigation system for your garden, and unlike our competitors our system installers are trained professional gardeners who understand the specific needs of your garden.

New Build or renovation? You will be amazed at the low cost of an irrigation system when it’s fitted to a new garden or renovation, have one fitted now and reap the benefits for the life you live there.

Southwest Irrigation provide an expert and professional service tailored to suit the specific need of  each and every garden.

Why might i need a drainage solution?

Control of the water in your garden is vital to ensure you get the best from your new turf, grass and plants, if there is too much or too little water in your garden it can potentially ruin your plants, wasting you time and money.
Recently we’ve all had to be price concious and this includes the maintenance and upkeep of your garden. Drainage and irrigation systems can provide a low cost addition to garden upkeep by regulating the amount of water in your garden to make sure its just right, all the time.

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